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Playable composition samples are listed below.

For more samples, or full versions of these tracks, contact me.

Sci Fi/Horror

Dystopian w/Electronic Voices



This was meant to waiver between a dystopian car chase, or beginning of the story pivot towards the climax. I have edited this several times and each time I find myself feeling something slightly different each time my edit is completed.

Mid 20th Century Crime Drama

Kid's App Game/Video Game

* Note

Like my other samples, I don't really have a full grasp what this could align with. Children's fantasy game, innocent love, childlike adventure. Listeners make their own interpretation on this sample, and will do so until this finds a true connection to a story.

Modern Slow Western

Percussion Sample


This short sample of a longer piece was inspired after rewatching the "Kill Bill" movies. I wanted to create a similar uneasiness the film presents. The intentional unclear time signatures are meant to reflect how this series made me feel.

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